No is a complete sentence

Level Up, Unicorn

“There’s always a next level. Find it.”

This is a quote from my ‘Thoughts From a Unicorn’ calendar, a gift from a wonderful friend that knows me oh so well. She mentioned I should post pics so others could see the calendar awesomeness. I’m going a step further and writing about it. Lucky you. 

Level UP, Unicorn

Going to the next level means starting from where you are now. Not trying to jump the levels up to where someone else is, or when the next shiny moment tries to distract you. Looking for the next level means meeting where you’re at, right now, and striving to be better. Not outside of your capabilities, but one next step at a time. It also means you can’t just stay on that level. You’ve used up all the resources and are just running around in circles if that’s the case. Yes that makes you king of that level. Man that is super boring to stay there, seeing the same old stuff, running the same old gigs. Yep, it’s comfortable. And snooze worthy. Not the restorative kind of sleep, but instead the snooze that you wake up tired from. 

The next level doesn’t mean quit your job and move to another state in one breath type thing. If that’s your 20th level up then great. But next level could be as simple as getting your finances in order, carving out self care on a regular basis, or saying no to an obligation or person that isn’t aligned with who you are at this time. Each decision like that changes our perspective, allows us to climb up to the next level, or hell, just walk through the door.

Not everything has to be a major mountain.

Sometimes we make finding the gateways for those levels far harder than we need to. The levels don’t always have to be found after exhausting yourself and collapsing in a heap. They can be simple, like opening a curtain to let in more light, realizing to pull instead of push, or stepping outside your front door after a long time of hermit behavior. Do not make your levels impossible to reach. Find the door, or window, or stairs, and go.

There’s always a next level, and they are what make life worth waking up for.