No is a complete sentence

Starlight Guide

Guided by the stars
Guided by the stars

As I walk through life, realizing that as an introvert and a quiet person in general, I have concluded that my life is being pulled by starlight. My best friend who passed away last year used to call me Starlight. It just fits.

Reality tells me that I’m not going to be part of the inner circle; I’m not gregarious enough to have that much pull. I don’t shine in the sunlight; I burn. The sun’s rays overheat my body, and summer often sends me inside seeking relief except for the early morning or evenings. It is finally dawning on me that I will most likely not be the next great writer, nor will I have success right out of the box. It’s not part of who I am. The only way I will succeed is on my terms, and at my rhythm. I’m learning not to covet that bright shining sun focused on the voices that society gravitates towards. I’d only be fried to a crisp.

So how do I achieve success while keeping myself intact? By following the starlight. As with the lighthouse from my last post, if I reach those that I’m meant to with my stories, I’m further ahead on my path than if I tried to follow a method that’s not authentic for me.

The evening and it’s illumination always has sheltered me. The moments before dawn are when I’m most in tune with the surrounding world, with the song of nature and the connections to the world around me. Instead of following the traditional paths, I need to follow the hidden ones, the ones that look like they lead nowhere, the ones that find the hidden sacred groves. Yes, there’s going to be fewer people in those places. Yet if my writing and my words finds its home amongst those people, and if I walk an authentic path, then I am richer for it. The starlight will be my guide.

In honor of that revelation, I will attempt a moonlight garden this year. Even though I’m an earth element (mutable earth from my zodiac sign) I generally fail at tending plants. Give me animals and I can work with them. Plants just laugh at me. Maybe I’ve been going after the wrong ones. Maybe it wasn’t the right time. I think perhaps now is the right time. Creating a garden to highlight the illumination of the stars and moon may just be what I need as a reminder that I follow a different path in life, and that I am more comfortable with hushed quiet of the darkness. There are others out there who feel the same, and I hope that our paths will entwine.

Until then, may the starlight guide you.

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No is a complete sentence

Behind the comments

I’ll admit I’m writing this as a bit of a knee-jerk reaction. I had a comment on a post earlier about glaring errors in the post with regards to my lack of editing. The gentleman who commented was completely right about the lack of proofreading and that I should not have posted the piece with those errors.

After my initial “wow, that guy needs to chill out” response, and then wanting to rant about how life is too short and a few incorrect words aren’t going to add up to a hill of beans, I decided to take a step back and evaluate.

I needed to figure out why I didn’t read my work over before posting. It comes down to one thing: fear. It’s still a huge process for me to even think about putting my words and thoughts out for anyone to see. Scares me to death – my inner critic just loves these opportunities. You’d think that I would read over my posts more carefully then, and that would make sense. But the fear response doesn’t follow rational patterns. I hit publish on that post before reading it over, because if I didn’t, I would have deleted the whole thing. Want to know why I wait so long between posts? There’s the voice that follows my every word chanting about how readers are going to be bored, how I’m not going to get the formatting right, how everyone’s going to disagree with my stance, how the haters will come out of the woodwork in force to tell me what I’m doing wrong.

So, yes, my dear commenter, I give you kudos for picking up what I did wrong. I often read other work and notice errors, and sometimes comment. What I don’t do is let those errors take over the message of the post. I certainly don’t respond with condescension or anger or lash out at someone’s shortcomings. On the other side of those words is a real person, with feelings, obligations, and a whole boatload of courage just to put the words out for someone else to tear down. So you want to comment on my post? Please, go right ahead. Your comment says far more about you than me.