No is a complete sentence


Credit to Andy Goldsworthy
Credit to Andy Goldsworthy

Tightrope without a net
Strung together on threadbare wings

Slid my hand in yours
But you let go
Too much weight

My charred mind
With its coal black thoughts
Left no room for light

Close your eyes and truly see
Your shine is fake
The top down smile doesn’t fool me

Get off your platform
At least I crawled
Emerged covered in mud

Not trying to drag you down
See reality instead
The ground is stronger than the air you walk on

Pull me up and I will counter-weight
Together in a spiral
Until the energy spun connects us both

Swirling, entwined with the universe
Sight clear, voice strong
Light and dark in harmony

Life’s challenges
Ebb and ease
Standing side by side

Amy Dionne, 2015

No is a complete sentence

The Door Within

inner doorVision of hidden realms within
Behind the inner door
A beacon of journey’s end

Obscured by false fog
Lured away with shiny promises
The key won’t turn
Clues change constantly
Secrets guarding the path

Frustrations mount on twisted pathways
Draped with haunted memories
Harsh words, and bitter regrets

Valiant efforts
Yet the door won’t open
Warped shut
Blocked by jagged layers of tangled arguments
Veiled misunderstandings
Warped by time
Kicking batters the door
Fevered curses blister the lock

Sinking against the door
Structure hard on weary bones
Despair clings
Heartache swirls
Hope escapes through tears

An empty shattered husk

Until all is given up
Until all is surrendered
Until all past versions release

Gentle caress of a new breeze
A wedge of light
Another door
No lock
Swung ajar

The true door was present all along
Unseen until freedom permeated old realities
Former ways that no longer served
Beliefs wrapped in false trimmings

Only the journey knew the way

Amy Dionne, 2015

No is a complete sentence

Soul Tears

I gathered each tear off my cheeks
Tasted bitterness
Swallowed them
Felt as they burned down my core
Woven into essence
Sifting in my heart and body
Grasping in the shadows
Til hope becomes no more
Crying out for light
For peace
For a moment’s rest
Finding none

Sifting through a pool of black tears
From the waterfall within
A flutter flash of light
A single note of joy
An echo of serenity

The tears recede
Easing their pain
Softening the droplet edges
A comforting caress
Sliding over skin like a kiss
Through the darkest times
There is hope

Amy Dionne, 2014

No is a complete sentence

Puppet Strings

Puppet strings
Tangle and pull
Dragging heavy feet
And leaden limbs
Head falling in time
To staccato bouncing
Jarring the body
By false means

Puppet dances
Despite the strings
By will
By strength
A futile journey’s trial

Puppet looks up
Tears tracking
Scream forming
Hope ending

Puppet collapses
The strings cut
Some time past
The pull imagined
The weight real

Puppet’s eyes
Only needed to open

Amy Dionne, May 2014

No is a complete sentence


Hairline cracks
In the sphere of life
Plug them
With your insanity
Tap, Tap, Tap
On the eggshell.

It cracks.

Narrow your vision
To hold on to what you hold dear
Grab it tighter with clenched hands
Desperate to mold the pieces
Puzzle pieces and gaps between
Where control solidly stood.

No one gets through the wall
No one gets out.

The curtain pulls away
Cloth tears and rips
Close your eyes
Don’t see the gaps
The light.

Open your eyes
And just let go
The shell was never real.

By Amy Dionne, 2012.