No is a complete sentence

Slice of Easy, Please

Which way to easy?
Which way to easy?
I’ve mentioned my awesome life coach, Lael Couper Jepson from SheChanges, on my blog once before. Ok, definitely more than once. Well, she’s awesome, and finding that advocate for your life is amazing. I trust her to listen, to push, and to catch me when needed. There’s something the wrote to me in an email one time though that lodged itself in my brain and won’t let go.

Can we have a slice of easy with that please?

Granted, I now don’t remember the context of our discussion, but it doesn’t matter. The phrase has become a mantra for my life. Once I remember it, which is usually after the frustration well has already risen to the top and is threatening to overflow.

I have a habit of making things harder than they need to be down to a science. If something takes two steps, I generally take four. If something doesn’t have a wall in front of it, I’ll build one just so I can climb over it. Gap in the earth that I could leap over? Might as well practice my bridge building skills.

Extreme metaphors, but you get the idea. The thought that I can expend a great deal less energy and effort and frustration has finally come full circle. I am trying to open my mind to other possibilities. Evaluate first. Look for alternatives. Put my energy into something more useful. Decide that there might actually be a different way of doing things. Take a breath first before grabbing those wall building materials.

Find my own slice of easy.

Is it that simple? Depends on how much frustration you want to throw at it finding out.

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No is a complete sentence

Because I DARE.

The above YouTube video was created as a clothing ad, but I find that every time I watch it I get chills. This shows so clearly the battleground, the fears, and the anxieties that I face every day. It’s the turn of heads walking into a room. The confrontation that happens however brief. The anxiety stems from putting your soul out into the world for all to see, and that takes an extraordinary amount of courage. It’s about not being dismissed, or pushed aside, or buried by the weight of others expectations.

It’s about courage. Rising up against the fear. Reaching inside for the will to come out in front of the dark and proclaim “I am HERE and I will bring my whole self with me!” So I dare. I dare to write and pour out my heart through words. I dare to create. I dare to dance. I dare to climb on the back of a thousand pound animal and ask it to carry me safely. I dare to proclaim that I am pagan and I feel the earth’s life flowing through my body. I dare to love. I dare to live. I dare to stand firm.

Thank you to my life coach, the amazing Lael Couper Jepson of SheChanges, for sending me this and for standing right along side me as I followed the path of the women in the video by backing up, feeling the fear, then deciding to let out a mighty roar and go full steam ahead anyway.


No is a complete sentence

Where Magic Happens

Where the magic happens
Where the magic happens
A while back, my life coach (the amazing Lael Couper Jepson from SheChanges), and I were talking about space and its relation to my writing. I kept reiterating about wanting to write and publish my stories for the longest time. She gently nudged me to realize that unless I created the space and the time, it wasn’t going to happen. My stories were not a priority until I created that intention and honored my characters by giving them a place to exist. A place that wasn’t crowded with crafts or bills or horse magazines or random kitsch. Just my stories.

I thought I’d share the results of that introspection. I now have a comfortable and organized place that I write daily, filled with inspiration and reminders on how to weave the magic into my story lines.

For those burning desires in your heart – have you created the space and time necessary to make them a reality? It makes a difference.

No is a complete sentence

Transitioning Focus

Dear friends,

I have closed my Etsy shop and decided to focus on my writing. After working with my most excellent life coach, I’ve finally realized that what I yearn for most is to have my stories come to life. I’m finally giving them the space and time that they deserve, and I do mean that literally. I’m transitioning Heart of Autumn to reflect this renewed venture, and would love to have you join me as I meander about the story pathways.

Crafting and art quilts will always be a large part of my life. I’ll be posting my creations here too, so Etsy friends, I’d love to have you stick around if you choose.

I’m excited to be here and have this new direction. It feels authentic and right for me. Off to find the magic within.
Bright Blessings.