No is a complete sentence


Transformation, from

Is not optional
Life doesn’t wait for us
To catch up
Run through the bush with thorns
The blood is supposed to be there
One way or another

Broken, battered, bleeding
Still, you show up
Find things are different
Than your perceptions
They exist as they should

Pull off the expectations
Cease trying to shape
What cannot be controlled
There is no winning

There is only becoming

Amy Dionne, 2015

No is a complete sentence


Yesterday I woke up
To my own powerfalls
To cease being small
To embrace the wild within

Today I rose up
Decided not to hide
Determined to live fully
Dedicated to my true self

Tomorrow I fly
Chasing dreams
Cascading with my heart’s desires
Conquering fear and doubt

For my life
I dance, I sing, I laugh
Breathing in, letting go,
Knowing who I am

Amy Dionne, 2015

Photo courtesy of Cindy Turcotte, used with permission.

No is a complete sentence


Hairline cracks
In the sphere of life
Plug them
With your insanity
Tap, Tap, Tap
On the eggshell.

It cracks.

Narrow your vision
To hold on to what you hold dear
Grab it tighter with clenched hands
Desperate to mold the pieces
Puzzle pieces and gaps between
Where control solidly stood.

No one gets through the wall
No one gets out.

The curtain pulls away
Cloth tears and rips
Close your eyes
Don’t see the gaps
The light.

Open your eyes
And just let go
The shell was never real.

By Amy Dionne, 2012.

No is a complete sentence

Categories of Life

Hello my dear readers. Suffice it to say that the day job has been super hectic lately, so my poor blog is in desperate need of attention. There’s more to why I haven’t written for the blog in some time though.

I think the difficulty with writing my blog is that I have multiple focuses in my life. I’m a writer, crafter, and equestrian lover. So how do I write about those subjects nearest and dearest to me without alienating those that aren’t interested in them? I constantly worry that those who have no interest in horses are going to be bored to death about posts about horses, and those that have no interest in crafts would much rather read about my life posts. For me though they’re all intertwined, and the combination of those subjects make me who I am. So I’ve just decided to write about them all regardless.

Here’s the plan, which of course may change without notice depending on how crazy my life is. I’ll update with a post on each subject weekly – writing, crafts, and horses, and then occasionally throw in a life commentary post for good measure. Read the posts that work for you; ignore the rest as you will. I hope you stay with me though as I work on finding my voice.

Have a subject you would like me to muse about? Use my contact page and send me a note; I’d love to hear from you. Bright Blessings, Amy