No is a complete sentence

Fort Popham

far sideNormally I just upload photos to my various social media collections and call it good. I realized, however, that I haven’t updated this blog in ages and ages. Thought it might be a decent way to share what I’ve been up to. So I’m including lots of pictures from my vacation day when I went down the coast a little to Fort Popham.

Luckily, I went first thing in the morning. If you’re in downeast Maine, you know that the best thing to do in the summer is either avoid the tourist sites or get there early. I was there early, and good thing. There were only a few cars when I arrived at the Fort, and when I left there were cars everywhere, and others circling trying to find spaces.

This trip was a reconnection with the water element. The ocean is often the right place to let go of anything that weighs you down, and to make space for new opportunities and energy to come into your life. Looking at the ocean just puts life into perspective. It’s ancient power supporting life makes most anything we deal with fairly insignificant. So I gave the ocean some old habits and made a new path for authentic creativity.

Did it work? Time will tell, and if not, then back to the water’s edge I will go. Until you get a chance to wander to the ocean, enjoy these pictures from my excursion. Oh, and a note about the Fort itself – the construction is incredibly neat with the materials and the angles. I think it’s impossible to take a bad picture there with the amount in visual interest in each section.