It’s ‘Happy Holidays’ for a reason

imageI get it. The world is far too PC these days, with everyone treading on thin ice to speak appropriately without offending someone. Nowhere is this more pronounced than with the upcoming Christmas season. Yes, I know it’s hard for teachers when they can’t do more than a winter celebration. Our society tends to go overboard – either we celebrate all holidays or none!

This PC overload tends to have another drawback. The Christian crowd are up in arms every year talking about taking back their holiday. It’s ‘Merry Christmas’ and a ‘Christmas tree’ as they put up their nativities and make a show of actually going to church and making sure their cards let you know damn well that they are Christian and proud of it. That’s great. Good for you. I realize Christmas is the dominating holiday this season, with a majority of those that live in the U.S. celebrating it. I grew up Christian and still celebrate a secular Christmas.

Ya know what though? Christianity isn’t the only religion here, and certainly not the only one to have a holiday around this season. How many people do you know that are Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, pagan, atheist, and many others that I am woefully ignorant about? Perhaps not many. Why? Because many of them quietly go about celebrating their holidays, or non holidays as the case may be, and continue their days without making a fuss. The instant they try to say something more than ‘Merry Christmas’ they get attacked by the believers for stealing their spotlight for the season.

Can we just all agree to drop the attacks, people? I don’t want to take away from your holiday celebrations. Nor do I want mine diminished. Would it be the end of the world if I wished someone a Happy Solstice or Blessed Yule? No, you automatically start to say, but I see the hesitation in your eyes. My purpose is not to make others uncomfortable, but it gets tiring always having to put my celebrations in the back corner because they aren’t the norm, nor are they comfortable. Following my path and my celebrations only affect me. That’s it. There’s no war on you or your beliefs.

Freedom of religion means ALL religions, (at least here in the U.S.), not just the commonly accepted ones. Go forth, celebrate, make merry, and let me do the same. If as a pagan my holidays bother you, feel free to ignore me, unfriend me, do whatever you need to. Just don’t get in my face and say that I’m undermining your holiday. All I want for you is peace. You want the same thing? There. We agree.

Peace, and Happy Holidays.

(Note: While I am happy to engage in discussion in the comments, if you attack, badger, or be mean spirited in general, you’re out. Respect for all should not be that difficult a concept.)

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