Tree in Progress

I’ve discovered that when I work on a quilt, I hate it. Until it’s finished, my work just looks…wrong. I’ll piece or applique a section wondering if it’s really going to come out like the vision in my head. And then I start quilting. The commentary running through my head is – what the heck was I thinking to stitch like that?

Take for instance my current piece. I have high hopes for this wallhanging as it’s the second time I’ve worked with this design, so I figured I’ve worked out the bugs already. Yeah, right…I edge stitched and free motion quilted the tree. And it looked ok to me. So this morning I moved on to the braided duponi silk. I stitched the first circle and all I could think was that I ruined the quilt. Instead of abandoning the project, which was honestly my first thought, I decided to keep going and add more. Ignoring the doubt monster, who was telling me I was crazy for continuing since the piece obviously was ruined, I added a couple more lines of circle quilting following the braid. Once I finished and really looked at the overall composition, I’ve finally been able to realize that it’s ok, and that I need to keep going.

That’s what I’ve taken away more from this work in progress. I don’t like the piece until it’s right. As soon as I start to like what I’ve done I know I’m ready to move on to the next part. Hopefully the next time I feel like tossing my work out the window I remember to just keep going forward instead.

Back to the studio to deal with the rest of the issues in the quilt and convince myself that I will find solutions and I will like the quilt in the end.

One thought on “Tree in Progress

  1. the doubt monster is running around rampant these days!
    he showed up over the weekend while i was working on my story, and the crazy thing was that even though i had two blades within an arm’s reach of me, i never thought to use them once …. me thinks, it’s time for a bit of target practice, don’t you?
    these doubt monsters must be stopped!

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